Agarwood Uses and Agarwood Arts 沂水閣沉香书艺廊


I have heard of Agarwood only in this decade. My knowledge to Agarwood was little and it was a brief summary by two planters sometime ago.

After our lunch at Pin Pin Hiong, we headed onto Heeren Street, the present day JalanTun Tan Cheng Lock. We were looking for beaded-shoes and clogs. Beyond the curve of the street is a model restoration project funded by the US Department of State’s Ambassador Fund for Cultural Preservation. Just doors away is YSG Excellence, a place specialized in Agarwood’s uses and its role as a living arts.

YSG Excellence sit on an eventful landmark, on 18 JalanTun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka; a location where the Japanese dropped a bomb during the World War 2.

The first House of Agarwood in Malaysia, YSG Excellence specialized in Agarwood Incense, Pure Agarwood Oil, Agarwood Chips, Agarwood Artistic Creation, Agarwood Ornament-Pendant, Bracelet, Key Chain, Agarwood Handmade Soap, Agarwood Tea, Classic Elegant Agarwood Blocks and Scenting Tools.

Jasond Tseng is sharing more about wild agarwood than what you are reading here on this Page and also on Facebook.

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