The Hainamko Chicken Rice 90 Jalan Bendahara, Melaka

My first experience tasting the hainanese chicken rice at this shop. His Royal Highness The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj was enjoying the hainanese chicken rice last year. [ Watch Video Here ] How nice if I could have a chance watching him enjoying the dish.

Hainanese Chicken Rice was originated from Wen Chang District, Hainan Province of the mainland China. It is served with the special steamed chicken, rice and sauces.

Appreciating the migration of their forefathers in the earlier 20th century, the dish is the recipe of this dish is carefully shared from one generation to another since the Malaya times. Now Malaysia, being a multi-cultural and multi-racial country, the taste of this dish is not only favored by Malaysians but foreign nationals as well. This hainanese chicken rice has become one of the hallmarks of the South East Asian cuisine and would be a go-after by people from other continents.

I was at Table 3 by 1:50 pm this afternoon and Hainamko Roasted Chicken Rice Set and my favorite hanian coffee is simply irresistible that I insisted to be served in bowl with a pair of chopstick. The Hainan Chilly Sauce and the Hainan Garlic Garnish added more fragrant to the dish.

Before I leave the table, I invited two Shanghainese to the vacant seats at Table 3 as I noticed that they have waited for a seat for quite a while. The couple told me that they have just arrived in Melaka from Kuala Lumpur and after checking in 1825 Gallery Hotel, they like to check out the taste of the chicken rice of this shop. Before Kuala Lumpur, they have enjoyed their stay in Penang. The couple from Shanghai, China, told me that they have worked in Hainan previously, and wanted to find out whether the Hainamko Chicken Rice is the same as those in Hainan Province. This is one example of what is explained in Paragraph 3 above.

Want to try ?

Nanyang Hainamko Chicken Rice
No. 90 Jalan Bendahara
75100 Melaka

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