Eat at 18

The Tomato Soup is a simple homemade soup using fresh tomatoes as the main ingredient.
Smooth with flavour of parsley, I enjoy it with bread crisp.

My wife like the Roasted Chicken Leg which is well brined before being roasted only upon order.
The meat is tender and juicy even it is crispy on the outside. Going with green vegetables is yummy.

Baked Salmon is my favourite and for sure when it is top with fresh lemon juice, I would not take a rest until the plate is empty.

Cajun Chicken Burger is well marinated with paprika and cajun-seasoning. My son like this type of burger very much, especially a slice of cheese served to cushion the chicken. Hash potatoes and mix salad with rocket leaves enhanced the taste.

Smoked Duck Salad let you taste the duck breast on a mix of green, rocket leaves, skinless orange and cherry tomato. You will note a little citrus aroma.

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