Why Melaka’s Chinese traditions is like by many people

The Chinese Government have been promoting trades with other countries since a long time ago and one of their selected places is Melaka. Thus, Kampung Cina is today keeping up with modern methods and technology but preserving old traditions and the folks never think of modifying their houses, shops or even their wet market. Commonly, the Malaccan call this village, Bukit Cina or Sam Poh Well, or 三宝井

The most they would do is to maintain and preserve all the structures within the village, aging through time and weather. This Chinese Village was given by the Raja Melaka as the Chinese were welcomed as hardworking and industrious.

An intricate civilization, the Chinese developed their writings from drawings, for example, the word ‘horse’ in Chinese look like this , where the four commas below represent the horse legs which later simplified to a stroke which look like this . Next, even a person has little idea about Melaka, he would have heard about or tasted Melaka Nyonya, or Melaka Chinese food else where. I have only mention two but I can’t squeeze Chinese’s magnificent customs and traditions here.

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Source : https://www.facebook.com/TheSettlementHotel/

On Day 1 of the first Month of The Rooster Year, I visited my aunty this morning. As I take steps to the ground floor, my cousin told me he worked to welcome the God of Wealth from last night till 1:30 am this morning.

In this video, you will see only a part of how the Chinese welcome the deity, the God Of Wealth. There is a wide range on the welcoming ritual if you watch the variety from one place to another in Melaka.

合家平安 心想事成

Gong Xi Fa Cai
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