Wangkang Procession - Either you watch this time or you won’t


Wangkang rites and ritual is among the many customs and traditions that followed the Chinese who came to Melaka since the fifteenth century. That is a long time and that too is a world history.

To perform this ancient heritage, Cheng Wah Keong Temple in Kandang, Melaka is directed by the deities to do it on Thursday 9 February 2017.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Abdul Nazri Aziz, the Minister of Tourism & Culture has given Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred Thousands for the Wangkang procession; previously performed with deities order in 1933. 

That was 84 years ago, and mathematically, one has to either watch this heritage performance next week or he may never get a chance again when the deities send their next command.

China’s counterpart and Nazri likes to get the unique Wangkang rites and ritual be listed under the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Majority of the immigrants were Hokkiens, Hakkas, Cantonese, Teochius, and Hailams and they came from the maritime provinces of South-eastern China. 

The Chinese in Melaka have formed many associations, and temples to preserve the cultural heritage that followed them from China.

The Chinese in Melaka continued to get knowledge from the deities and uses the deities’ advices in their everyday life, covering from ancestral filial piety, business decisions, companions, the dead … … yearly geomancy, or ways to guide his zeal.

Even today, temple committees, features the names of leaders like by their communities.

I saw dragons in Kandang yesterday ready for the coming Wangkang procession and the lions would appear on next Thursday and they symbolize the rule of love and peace.

A 1961 book has make be me feel great when an elderly Chinese walking with his pet birds said, “Governments may come and go but, when he can, he still follows the customs of his youth” and that gave him a smile of happiness.

Ghosts are being collected onto the barge,  while the five Ong Yahs deities are carried in the miraculous sedan chairs giving important divine intervention along the roads they passes or places they greet. Check this map.

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Watch this Preview YouTube, I recorded yesterday for UNESCO to see and no doubt, for the world to see and for sure, the deities would set the next command next time (plus/minus) +/- the year 2100 .

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