Chinese Architecture prosper the economy

UNESCO recognized the zones as heritage sites because the core area is usually dominated by Chinese shop-houses where the ground floor is used for commercial purposes and the upper floors are for residential uses.

If there were no such houses of Chinese's architecture-based, most likely, UNESCO would not have listed those sites in Jonker Walk as heritage zones in additions to A'Famosa, Stadhuys and so on.

Because Chinese people exhibit distinctive attitudes in the uses of spaces, you can find, see and enjoy in every corners of Heeren Street, Jonker Walk, Harmony Street, Goldsmith Street, Blacksmith Street and their neighborhood.

Both the Chinese cultural and economic factors influences each other thereby providing social proximity to visitors today and even more for tomorrow visitors, the joy of a visit.

You can witness examples of such space uses when you visit :

* Straits Affair

* The Daily Fix

* The Baba Nyonya Museum

* The Nyonya Village

* The Kaya-Kaya Cafe

..... just to name a few.

And most valuable to visitor too, the opportunity to try their conservative strictly guarded home cuisines now revealed to the public by the younger generations. If you check at Straits Affair, you would concur the Nyonya's cuisines is divulge by her 8th generation just last year; what more from a family whose sibling were former cabinet ministers for Malaysia and Singapore.

This Chinese New Year, try their irresistible delights when spring unfolds love, and filial piety to make happiness for family and home.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

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