Batam's Ayam Penyet Ori is now in Melaka

Ayam Penyet Ori was established in 1998 in Batam, Indonesia. The owner of this restaurant realize the obligations and understand the importance of providing guests with not only delicious  meals, but also delivering authentic Indonesian flavors.

Since 15 years ago, Ayam Penyet Ori has always been focusing on serving its signature dish, Ayam Penyet as well as other authentic Indonesian meals. Since then, Ayam Penyet Ori has expanded its menu with an extensive selection of Javanese cuisines inclusive of various selections from entrees, side dishes as well as desserts which complement the main menu.

Ayam Penyet Ori has redesigned their outlets and uplifted service standard to meet the expectations of guests.

Enjoy an authentic taste of Indonesian flavors with a best Indonesian restaurant, Ayam Penyet Ori.

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On the first day of 2017, I have my lunch at the Ayam Penyet Ori shop on Table 21. 

Going with white rice, the ayam is memang sedap and the great taste is complimented by raw long beans, raw cucumber and a piece of fried beancurd.

My side order is Ubi Kayu Goreng.

My drink is The O Panas.

This shop has the following appetizer. Gado-Gado, Kerupuk Gado-Gado, Kerupuk Udang and Ubi Kayu Goreng.

Their main dishes are Ayam Penyet, Ayam Bakar Penyet, Lele Penyet, Udang Penyet, Empat Penyet, Ati/Ampela Penyet, Telur Penyet, Nasi Ayam Roasted, Iga Penyet, and Kids Meal.
You can enjoy these side orders. Telur Goreng Sambal, Chicken Wing, Kulit Ayam Goreng, Bakso Bakar, Paru Bakar, Sate Ayam, Soto Ayam, Nasi Putih, Tahu Sumedang, Tempe Berlado, Taugeh Celur, Tauhu Sumbat and Crispy Paru.

If you are a soup lover, Sup Buntut may sound funny but it is yummy, or else you can pick from Sup Daging to Sup Kosong.

So famous is the Jakarta Sanggar Cheese name after the capital of Indonesia, Bubur Hitam which the local Peranakan is also good at, and Es Cendol.

No meal is complete without your preferred beverages from which you can select from the menu listing; Tea, Teh Tarik, Coffee, Nescafe, Milo, Ice Lemon Tea, Pepsi, Strawberry, 7UP, A & W Root Beer, Air Mineral, Blackcurrant Aloe Vera, Jus Alpukat, Jus Nenas, Jus Oren, Jus Mango, Es Cincau, Es Longan Cincau, Soda Gembira, Sirap Bandung and Teh Botol Sosro.

Enjoy a meal at Ayam Penyet Ori.

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