Yummy Seabass at Hola Café, Melaka

Seabass is a common fish in Melaka, and one of the favorite serving is deep-fry to go with chili and raw big red onion slices. You can enjoy a delicious, fresh and succulent siakap below the crisp skin which is an important of this finished dish. The fish has been scaled properly; has nice flaky flesh as I a yummy expression from a fork of it, the chef, Jack Wong watches quietly from a corner.

Fresh lettuce which remained nutritious on the dining table is a rare to find but on today lunch, the non-oily sauced wok heated leaf vegetable is one which retain its 7 health benefits. The taste tell when I picked up some to go with a bowl of white rice.

Hola Fried Rice, is unique with marinated chicken wing, keropak, a mata-kerbau egg and coleslaw.
Hot brewed Jasmine tea would serve well with these dishes.

The largest Sports Café in Melaka City, you would enjoy the Western and Asian flavor from a wide range of choices in the Menu.

I am given to the opportunity to feel the Function Room which is equipped with projector, LCD screen, full HD TV, audio system, nice tables and seating sofa and couches.

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