Apom Berkuah from Straits Affair’s kitchen

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The skill of making Apom Berkuah must have been carried down from one generation to another, and after taking a personal look on the Apom mould in his kitchen, the design-oldness is convincing of its age. Bubbling up countless apom since, the mould that laid six pieces of bubbled apom on a rosy porcelain plate was used by Isaac Tan’s great-grandmother. I enjoy these apom.

In some parts of the world, serving food on banana leaves is a tradition and you deserved to be served with such tradition from Straits Affair’s kitchen. Easily, you are able to see this eco-friendly tradition at 53 on Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka.

Photograph of http://generalabout.blogspot.my
Ask any local folk in Melaka. “ Do you prefer to eat Nasi Lemak wrapped with banana leaves or do you prefer to eat Nasi Lemak wrapped with manufactured materials? ” They would tell you their reasons. 

This 8th generation Baba law-graduate has the passion to preserve his peranakan patisserie for you and the younger ones.

Within tasty temperature, the apom resembled six white petals with bluish shades on my plate then a little while ago, randomly favoring some cavities above medium heat-conduct by the mould and fixed on lower heat once the bubbles can be seen through the watchful eyes of the chef.

Pass from one generation to another, the Apom Berkuah sauce is another Isaac’s scrumptious partner to the succulent apom. Apom Berkuah is indeed my favorite since I was a primary school kid with the Bandar Hilir English School. A Baba on his bicycle would deliver the Apom Berkuah to my house with his tiffin carrier. Till now, I could remember mum had asked him in Hokkien dialect often, “ Eh Sai Ho Wa Keh Tam Poh ” He replied, “ Mana Eh Sai. Zi Ngam Ngam ” I understood the scrumptious sauce his home had prepared in equivalent to the number of pieces of apom that was bubbled. I would not get less sauce in relation to the number of apom I want neither would I get extra sauce. This understanding verify the quality of apom making and after him, I have not been able to find such apom again until today. [Note: I studied in Bandar Hilir English School from 1967 to 1972 and in Malacca High School from 1973 to 1979]

The succulent apom and the already yummy scrumptious sauce is further perfected by scoops of ice-cream.

A pot of Ginger Lemon Tea complemented my afternoon tea-time.

Other item on Table 6 are Kopi C Peng with Gula Melaka, and Tauhu Sumbat.

You have got to try these delicacies yourself to make comment below this blog post.

Photograph of http://generalabout.blogspot.my

On a lighter note, Isaac’s grandpa is Tan Swi Chay, a name my elders have repeatedly mentioned in the past, when I was a kid when my maternal elders were in the rubber trade. Issac and me has a great chat about some Melaka history this afternoon.

What is the Straits Affair?

Founded by an 8th generation Baba, the Great Grandnephew of the eminent Baba Sir Tun Tan Cheng Lock, who traces his ancestry back to 1771 in Dutch administered Malacca, the Straits Affair started off as a project to preserve original Peranakan delicacies that were slowly being lost to the ravages of time.

The Peranakan food and culture has been greatly shaped by Malay, Indian, Eurasian and European influence, having been in Malacca for over 245 years. We believe that people from all walks of life should be given the opportunity to savour all types of traditional delights that have largely been enjoyed in the comforts of traditional Peranakan homes. We believe that just as our culture have evolved since the 15th Century, so should our cuisine continue to evolve in this modern age.

With a background rich in culture and history, we aim to be a voice for genuine and quality Peranakan delicacies that can be found at the Straits Affair. We invite you to savour the best of old and new at the Straits Affair!

Photograph of http://generalabout.blogspot.my

Photograph of http://generalabout.blogspot.my

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