Jota Joti Sedunia 2016 Kem Pengakap Melaka

Pengakap or Scouting

Who are the people who follow trails, and track down their foes by listening for, observing, and interpreting signs.
They were the lifestyles of the North American Indians and the Zulus of South Africa. In the Indian wars, military forces used experienced scouts to check the land ahead, picked a better routes and a safer camp site.

Practices of groups to train young people in woodcraft, manual skills, and the study of nature was developed.
The objective of building the character of boys, guiding them to be useful citizens and the encouragement to physical fitness are values of the scout movement.

Scouts do not only do things for themselves but also for others, and they gained scoutcraft from their seniors. A scout know who is Robert Baden-Powell.

Datuk Md Sirat B Abu open the Jota Joti 2016 last night at the Kem Pengakap Puan Tan Chay Yan in Bukit Katil, Melaka.


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