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Royale Basmathi is grown in the foothills of Himalayan where the fertile soil, and ideal climate together enriched by water from the glacier of Himalayan play a important on this type of rice.

The rice has a distinctive flavour and aroma, harvested with great care and aged to perfection to retain the natural nutritional benefits.

Naturally gluten-free with low to medium GI and a good source of fibre, Bird of Paradise Royale Basmathi helps to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The Nutrition Information

Energy kcal : 355 Per 100g | 284 Per Serving 80g

Total Fat g : 0.3 Per 100g | 0.2 Per Serving 80g

Cholesterol mg 0.0 Per 100g | 0.0 Per Serving 80g

Carbohydrate g 78.8 Per 100g | 63.0 Per Serving 80g

Protein g 8.4 Per 100g | 6.7 Per Serving 80g

Dietary Fibre g 0.9 Per 100g | 0.7 Per Serving 80g

Iron mg 5.4 Per 100g | 4.3 Per Serving 80g

Magnesium mg 30.4 Per 100g | 24.3 Per Serving 80g

This Net Weight 5kg Bird Of Paradise Royale Basmathi is packed and distributed by OEL Distribution. Find out at 

My wife, Evelyn is cooking this Basmathi rice now for dinner and we get this 5kg Pack from Aeon Bandaraya Melaka just now.

Do you know what makes us try Basmathi ? We found out the great taste when our 5-decades long Hindu friend served this rice over lunch on Deepavali yesterday.

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