Games that I did not play, maybe you have

Friends ! ... ... ... can you remember these games ?

I would only get 45 % in marks from these 100 games if there is a GohKaki Games Examinations.

"Fight For Meat" ... I don't what game is this. Not just this game I don't know but many more, and I take effort to list them here:

  1. "4 Pin Lian" Chess
  2. "4 In 1 Board Games
  3. Alibaba Card Game
  4. Ice Man
  5. IQ Chess
  6. IQ Wayer
  7. Jenga
  8. Touch The Metal
  9. War Card Game
  10. Uno Cards Game
  11. Chinese YoYo
  12. Animal Chess
  13. Bamboo Helicopter
  14. Bamboo String
  15. Kamen Rider Card Game
  16. Metal Roller Skate
  17. Old Mate Card
  18. Bicycle Rim
  19. Bush Stand
  20. Chinese Checkers
  21. Coconut Bowling
  22. Bamboo Cicada
  23. Bryophyllum Oinnatum
  24. Marble Board
  25. Aluminium Shoes
  26. Donkey Card
  27. Pirate All Card
  28. S Chain
  29. Snap
  30. Hit The Pot
  31. Lotus Balancing
  32. Slits
  33. Coconut Shoes
  34. Paper Wei Qi
  35. Pok Pok Seed
  36. Coconut Leaf
  37. Congkak
  38. Follow Me
  39. Forfeit
  40. Happy Family
  41. Jumble Beans
  42. Marbles
  43. Metal Rings
  44. Origami
  45. Paper Doll
  46. Pokemon Cards
  47. Rubber Ducks
  48. Tin Shoes
  49. Tin Toy
  50. Kalidui
  51. Chinese Chess
  52. Hit The Target
Maybe because of the schools I have been, or maybe because of the friends I have gained, or maybe the place I grow up ... ... ... the games I have played were introduced by the three factors.

Puzzle is a game I have played in school and I picked up from school. The game instill imagination and good observation on colors and shapes.

Hide And Seek is also learnt from friends during reccess, and we took turn to play bad guy and good guy. At young age, it was fearful at times when I played bad guy. 

I am not sure about Flying Shoes, but having throw slippers to hit a stack of cards is not forgottened.

Pick Up Stick demanded my gentleness and it was a good training to build calmness. 

I have rocked Wooden Horse in the kindergarten within the St. Xavier Church. That was the first time and the toy wasn't easily available. These days, kids rock on Spring House you can see them in Stadium Tun Fatimah's children playground.

I have seen today Hashtag symbol long before it is with the internet. My friend drew two parallel lines and another two at right angle. Only I make crosses or zeroes.

A couple of times only, Sticky Toys game was only used to surprise others.

Wooden Gun game was made with pieces of unuse wood and rubberbands.

Remember my friend hit knuckers of my fingers with his tips of pointing finger and at times more painful with his middle finger. That game, we called Tiak Kong.

Played Skipping Rope for a short period with cousins and some of them, girls. When the girls stopped playing with us guys, we gave up.

I first time played London Bridge at the convent school in Portuguese Settlement. It was a Campfire Night, and after holding hand with a girl, we started to write letters to each other.

Hopstoch is a game I used white chalk to draw on the floor. Hearing our parents approaching footsteps, quickly we erased the markings with our rubber slippers.

Five Stones. More of a girl's game, I thought. She taught me how to catch all stones in her palm.

Duck Mouth wasn't fun at that time but I think it is an easy DIY to amuse babies.

Cerper is a seasonal game to me as I could only collect enough metal caps after the Chinese New Year when guests have consumed our Fraser & Neave's Orange, Cherries, and Sarsi.

My Malay friend taught me Sepak Takraw beside the demolished High School Old Boys Club House.

Monopoly, a game I play in the classroom after the year-end examnination before the long-term holiday. 

Eagle and Hen is exciting and I can remember holding on to friend shoulder.

Playing Dragonfly is a game I have forgottened how to play.

Also forget is the Clay game.

Musical Chair game rushes my heartbeat to a faster pace and it was interesting to watch friend throwing the buttocks onto the chair.

Tangram was played secretly because the old folks don't waste money, food and anything they have including the "Cili Merah" matches sticks.

To me, Color Spring is a creative game and to us kids of those days, the game was consider quite high-tech.

The Chinese Flipping Flower is a game that take the shape of the Chinese fans. Nothing much I felt, just flip to change forms and colors.

My brother bought a carrom board and we used our mother's talcum powder. 

Kaleidoscope was sold ny a peddler in my neighborhood. He sell Bubble Stick too and Chapteh.

We made kites, put our hands out in Lalalilatampung and imagined being a Chef with Memasak game.

Catch Black Ants involved clearing the match-sticks to use empty match-boxes, and Catapult was a little too much for me while Cat's Cradle is sort of magical to amaze friend.

AEIOU, I think I played in front of Scouts Quarter and at home but Tug Of War and Gunny Sacks are games in school annual sports event.

Only twice I spinned Tops and I couldn't beat my friend skill in YoYo.

Eraser game was just an experience for me and wasn't continue because I was taught to keep my pencil-box neat.

Tikam games was just like gambling to me and so I didn't touch after once and the other was the Gashapon Machine.

Playing Handkerchief was done in school while at home with cousins. Fighting Fish was a expensive game to me in the past.

In modern parties, and in your old school friends gatherings, these games can make you young again.

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