A nice Kebaya Show on Jonker Walk

Only the nyonya wear kebaya. The baba don’t.

You can see women wearing kebaya within the Jonker Walk area and the adjacent street named after Sir Tun Tan Cheng Lock. They are either in the cafe, or shops.

Kebaya is so elegant and is used as uniforms for the female flight attendants of Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia.

Kebaya had also attracted fashion-designer, Hana Tajima to team with Uniqlo to enrich the women silhouette. Uniqlo outlet is now open in Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka.

Yesterday, my smartphone alerted me about the selection of Melaka's contestants for the Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2016. I've put this event in my planner after I discovered it on my way to The Daily Fix Cafe last month.

I never expected Jacqueline Teo or  張美玲 緣分的慌 a singer from New Southern Records Sdn. Bhd. to appear on stage in Jonker Walk as Guest Singer. 

She is fabulous.

Jacqueline Teo signed on the cover of the DVD I buy.

Photo of http://generalabout.blogspot.my

Jacqueline is good at cheering up the local folks especially the elderly men and women where she close-up with them on the street while singing everyone favorite song, 每兰梅兰我爱你. 

Watch her on this YouTube video.

The winner of the Miss Malaysia Kebaya Melaka 2016 was crowned by Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong. She has acquired the designing knowledge from the LimKokWing University.

Photo of http://generalabout.blogspot.my

Hi reader ! .... if you are now reading this blog post, copy and paste this link in your memorandum of your smartphone for use later when you plan to visit Melaka. It could alarm you why you must visit Jonker Walk ... a street complete with the good, the bad and the ugly.

For me, I see a temple built in 1645 standing smartly today, a methodist church viewable from three angles of three streets, a mosque remained peacefully in between a Chinese temple and a Hindu temple; and I see the good.

The bad was history. Only a few living aging elders know it.

Ugly sight of undertaker carry out their activities in one or two locations since the pre-independence days.

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