The Daily Fix Café, I will come again

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Continue from where it ended last Saturday, I begin the morning walk from the Kaya-Kaya Café.

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I could recall how the housewives used to come to this street [Blacksmith Street or Jalan Tukang Besi] during the 1960s to do something about their Love-Letters or Kuih Bahulu moulds.

Putting the 1960s affair aside, the neat and simple white building take over my attention and it is the OLA Lavanderia Cafe.

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However, my mind is fixed, since last week and I must somehow or rather enjoy my morning coffee-break at The Daily Fix Cafe. All I keep while walking within the old heritage zone is nothing but thinking of 55. I have noted that there are 284 reviews from the TripAdvisor Community, and out of that figure, 134 say The Daily Fix is Excellent, while 103 say The Daily Fix is very good. Check more about The Daily Fix Cafe on their facebook. Click HERE

55 is the address of The Daily Fix Cafe.

Before I found the The Daily Fix Cafe, I come across the Jonker Walk Satay House and this beautiful Dutch's construction in the Jonker Walk Mamee House.

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Soon, a girl from a 3-D entertainment shop show me where The Daily Fix Cafe is. I have make up my mind to order the pancakes after a preview of this cafe from Eat Drink KL.

Here the cafe looks to you [Video Only Watchable on Desktop At The Moment];

The green-colored blindster strongly encouraged me to try this cafe and the pancakes has pictured my order much that I am not selecting from the menu for this time. However, I read the menu for a knowledge of what to try on my next visit.

Serving my morning break well, I have a wide choice from Expresso coffee that comes in double shot to tea, Matcha, Callebaut Dark Chocolate, refreshers and beer or cold-pressed juices.

No sugar, no preservative, no water added; the cold-pressed juices give you either one of these combinations:

Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Cucumber, Lime

Pineapple, Apple, Lime, Cucumber, Ginger

Carrot, Apple, Orange, Lemon

Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lime

If you are a smoothies lover, you can select from mango, passion fruit, apple, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon, honey, nutella, banana, oat, and walnut.

From 8.30 am on weekends, and 10.00 am from Monday to Friday; there are Sandwiches to Salmon based breakfast as you first meal of the day. Croissant, Muesli, French Toast ... available too. Some of you may like pasta with salad and snacks.

One thing for sure, you and I cannot resist, is their pancakes.

This morning, on the leafy white marble top for three, is my latte and local pandan-pancakes.

Photograph of General About Blog

Upon leaving the cafe, for my next appointment, Julian's mother revealed to me, about the luscious Durian Pancakes. I must try them.

This is a good cafe and I give a big thumbs up because the Pandan Pancakes has already convinced me that the chefs are dedicated to serve superb, unbeatable yummy pancakes.

When are you going to try the pancakes ?

After a girl show me this cafe

I am looking at this sight in person, nicer than it looks on the Net

Walking within the appealing atmosphere

Indulging at this corner, the sight reminiscent of my childhood

Reminding me of the rich heritage 

These huge plates, same as the ones I inherited from my mum

Looking from the indoor courtyard to see a full-house

Full-house okay to me, and a leafy corner is waiting for me

Sending this photo to a group of accountants in KL with the in-house wi-fi

My leafy-latte leading pots of green plants

Adoring the vaporization of the ice-cream [See this in the YouTube]

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