Spareribs Curry In Vitroflam White Cookware

My wife is working half day today and I have to pick up some ingredients for her Spareribs Curry from the Bukit Cina’s wet market.

Five Indonesian potatoes, six stalks of lemongrass, three Japanese cucumber, one cup of coconut milk and some curry leaf. These are what I picked up from a stall while my son is waiting in the car.

As soon as she reached home, she put her skills to putting into the French produced pot a well resembled kampong-style curry.

Sound of slicing, blanching, pounding, and what not …. And the sizzling of the curry leaf and curry paste traveled through the closed windows and door of my son’s room. He was reading his book and I was posting photographs to Instagram.

Even before I complete work on Instagram, my smell receptors is beginning to transmit impulses that ‘takes’ me to her kitchen.  In actual fact, I was still lying on bed in the air-conditioned room indulging from the freshness of the mid-afternoon bath, away from the scorching sun…working on the Instagram, of course.

But I cannot resist the pleasant curry smell only the authentic nyonya or like my wife, a girl who grow up from a Malay Kampung could cook up. 

Usually, the curry smells tend to be “sticky” from those who are lack of experiences in this dish preparation right from peeling the garlic and onion to timing the broth of the curry with decreasing heat. 

Heat and timing are two important factors to cooking up a best curry pot because of the coconut milk portion, other than the spices portions.

I must not deny that I drink her curry like I drink soup. This is how the curry looks on the dinner table.

I am so proud of her and with that I cannot resist sharing her pot of curry on my friend’s whatsapp at 6.51 pm just now. Though I have share some home-cook dishes with them once in a while, I feel this pot of curry must be shown to my girlfriend oversea because I guess she has missed Malaysian food. 

At the time of sharing, I still remember the Nasi Bryanni and the Kerabu Beehoon she had after she show us photographs of the crowds at the Duran Duran Ravinia Outdoor Concert. I guess she must have miss curry.

Find out more on curry making from +Orang Melaka , especially from the kitchens of authentic nyonya chefs.

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