Sea Lion Show, Wildlife Theatre, Pulau Melaka

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SHOW TIME 11:30 AM & 5:00 PM

Sea lions are very intelligent and can be taught to perform many amusing tricks.

Sea lions are better able to move about on land than seals and walruses and they use the flippers as fans when the sun is hot.

Sea lions can swim fast (few fish can swim faster than them) in calm sea or in the rough waves of a storm; amazingly with their rolling motion of the whole body. On top of that, sea lions can jump, roll their body quickly, and make kisses you adore.

Wait till you see Mary, Anne and John in action, only then you comment whether your friend can play basketball well.

Again, you thought naturally, girls can dance well and girls can twist their hips fast but sea lions can do faster if you go and see them after the Melaka Gateway project, making a 3-quarter turn to your right to the Wildlife Theatre. Call +6062313333

Train your kids to keep your house neat, by encouraging them by showing how sea lions can keep playthings after play.

Found on both coast of South America, sea lions roam near Peru and Uruguay and feed on fishes. Do you know how much fish, the sea lions at the Wildlife Theatre Pulau Melaka take each day ?

To find out how much fishes the sea lions take each day; ask your papa and mama to bring you to the 11:30 am Sea Lion Show or the 5:30 pm show.

Let me tell you where the sea lions at the theatre come from and they will amaze you. They are from the smallest nation in South America, with size not more than 350 miles long and 320 miles wide; Uruguay.

The Atlantic Ocean washes 120 miles of its coast.

“Pattern”, this is what his sister, Sandra say when I ask her whether his brother is good at tossing the neck rings without a single ring falling onto the ground. Believe it or not, all the rings perfectly necked by the Anne.

Now, if I throw the same question at you, would you say that everyone can toss the neck rings perfectly ?

Find out the actual answer when you toss those rings yourself !

Question : How to go to the Wildlife Theatre and what time is the show ?
Answer : Watch this YouTube video.

Question : Who welcome you at the Wildlife Theatre ?
Answer : Watch this YouTube video.

Question : Dribble, diving and kissing, all in one place. Who can do all in one place ?
Answer : Only the sea lion, of course.

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