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Pizza is a special cuisine and almost everyone has had pizza with their favorite toppings meeting his or her crunchy bites craving for another slice after the first slice.

Not every piece of pizza is hot and fresh that you would enjoy perfect yummy crunchy bites with chewy tender dough, cheesy layered, gooey between your taste buds and palate.

Milan Italian Restaurant baked me pizza, all words fit my taste.

Cheesy, gooey, meaty, tasty, delicious, saucy, hot, delicious, fresh, doughy, crusty, filling, well stuffed …. And healthily topped with olive, and salmon.

Oven baked fresh pizza dough topped with tuna and smoked salmon, try the Pizza Al-Tuna & Smoke Salmon and tell me your comment.

I enjoy this pizza with salmon. Salmon is my favorite fish.

If you like tomato, sweet basil and Danish mozzarella, try the oven baked Margarita Pizza.

If you like marinated beef bacon, chicken, sliced onion and wild mushroom, try the oven baked Sirocco Pizza.

And if you prefer the marinated spices chicken tandoori served with wild mushroom, onion slices and oregano, select the Tandoori Pizza.



Good Menu

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Meaty Salmon & Healthy Olive Pizza

I like Pizza Chewing at Milan Italian

Hot & Fresh Pizza comes out from this Milan Kitchen

Zoom Closely, Take A Look at the Crispy Crunchiness

Soft Tender Doughy Pizza. Feel the fluffy pull of a slice !



Olive among the Salmon

Aerial View of the Melaka Raya

Very italian ...

Green mango, garlic crouton, tomato, onion, cucumber, boiled egg, asparagus, prawn, mushroom, balsamico vinaigrette romaine lettuce are some of the ingredients that would fill your favorite plate of appertizers at Milan Italian Restaurant.

My favorite Ox-Tail Soup comes with a combination of onion, potato and broth timely to blend the garlic bread.

Other soups are Clear Saffron Soup and Fresh Mushroom Soup.

Emjoy a tropical fruit platter, that mixed well with pick-guava juice, mango juice, orange juice or espressom latte and cappucino.

After cappuccino, I could not resist a cup of brewed hot and fresh coffee before I get the bill.

Great Pizza .. must eat

The pizza that I enjoy today has Olive, and it is among the principal crops of Italy namely, wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn, rice, beans, potatoes, sugar beets, and grapes.

For knowledge, The Altantic Salmon is a valuable food fish and is found in the rivers on both sides of the North Atlantic.
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