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Saba fish is widely caught in the sea near Japan and as a blue-fish, the meat is flaky and firm. The oil of Saba fish contains DHA and EPA.

On the table, is a plate of Saba fish grilled to compliment my Daikoji Bento and a cup of Japanese Green Tea.  I am advised that Bento is a Rice-Box.

I do not show you, that it is a common habit that Japanese will leave their shoes on the steps before approaching the dining table, and serving tea at home is common on formal occasions and the meal is served with charming ceremony.

Above the tables, you will see beautiful lamps cover or lanterns that make brilliant rays, and this explained the making of lanterns in Gifu, a city famous for this craft ever since the 1870’s.

Each frame requires dozens of bamboo strips, toothpick-thin and they influence the lights to provide a nice ambience and to enhance the interior decorations.

Sometimes around 1961, people see a busy dock in the Yokohama Harbor, and beside ocean-going freighters, they also saw jumbles of fishing craft with families making homes on those boats.
Fishing is great in Japan as there are many islands that dot the beautiful Inland Sea, and the Saba fish is yummy. I like it very very much.

Two Kimono Robe dressed girls ushered us to a nice table on a Saturday afternoon [ 2 July 2016 ], and served by Hui Earn, she takes our order and she get her kitchen to prepare nice:

Katsu Cheese Meshi

Ebiko Gunkan

Yaki Sakana Gunkan

Shake Jikasei Aburi

Kamo Mentai Aburi

Tamago Jikasei Aburi

Kuro Mentai Sizu

Una Shisha Maki

Chuka Hotate

Saba Yaki

Avocado is a great fruit, native to the South Central Mexico, and I have eaten them raw which I bought from Aeon Bandaraya. To tell you frankly, it is not easy to swallow them in raw but with Una Shisha Maki, I love it.

My desserts are Red Bean Matcha Ice Cream and Nama Chocolate Ice.

This is good. I give a big thumbs up. Delicious Japanese Food and at Fugo Ryori Japanese Restaurant, 2, 2A & 2B, Jalan Melaka Raya 13, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, your dining experience is going to be a superb, unbeatable yummy experience.

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Here is the avocado, I love !

Japanese Lunch - Compliments of Danielle Ong

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