Creamy Fluffy Durian Pancake At The Daily Fix Cafe

Flooded with people, I am still able to take the usual steps from the car-park to The Daily Fix Cafe on Jonker Street, this afternoon. I keep dreaming of the Durian Pancake since Julian's mum told me of the creamy fluffy taste she know I would enjoy. It was just last Saturday, [2 July 2016] when I first dine in this cafe and you can watch in this video.

A beautiful lady holding hands with her handsome boyfriend rushed across the street from Geographer Cafe and walked through my right, as she whispered to him, "Dear ... I want to go The Daily Fix"

"I'm going there now.", and showing them a facial agreement that the cafe is a nice one.

The table tag, is an aged Acuan Kuih Bangkit or Tapioca Cookies Mould used by someone who home-made those cookies.

The waiter guide me to Table 13

The empty chair I sat last Saturday 2 July 2016

So please with the Courtyard that everyone
whatsapp their friends or loved ones
even before the food and drink is served

Very airy and cozy

A smiling customer looking at the photographer

Smoked Duck Aglio E Olio come first

Second comes Dance To The Beet

Which is the Berry Blast ?

Here you are ... ... ... The Durian Pancake & Mint Leaf
Dining in a cozy, and homely cafe ... how nice !

This cafe is housed in a heritage shop, ... the pre-independence long shop

Beautiful Heritage Structure

Airy and cozy
          Try the food there and tell me your comment

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