Ramadan Across Kampungs

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The joys of visiting Melaka during Ramadan is to enjoy the adat resam of the holy month.

I like eating. The Mee Bodoh on Tengkera is among others in my wanted-list. To get a Sambal-Berapi egg, in a queue of 10 persons away from the wok is a norm. As busy as a bee-hive, the mee stall is now deserted during the day and comes alives at night. Before Maghrib, you would see many other races walloping the "stupid-mee" After Maghrib, the Malays start to pour in.

Muslims abstain from drinking and eating to strengthen their relationship with God.

Ramadan is a good time to reflect on those who are poorer, to purify self to get closer to family and friends.

As you drove from the north and the south into the Ayer Keroh toll-gate during weekends and public holidays, open yourself to discover the fascinating Ramadan. Give yourself a chance and you will understand why; I have done the following todate:

Watching Muslims breaking fast together at Hotel Sentral Riverview, Avillion Legacy, Hotel Orkid and The Emperor Hotel.

Watching Muslims festive activities with the bustling food bazaars in Cheng, Peringgit, MITC and others.

Watching Muslims shop their Raya needs at Bazar Ramadan Mega @JalanHangTuah.

Muslims after work would pull up by the roadside to grab some delicacies, desserts, meals and drinks for breaking fast.

In the facebook, I see YAB Datuk Seri Hj. Ir. Idris Haron, his wife and family members waiting for iftar in Klebang.

A Polander found it nice to visit Melaka during Ramadan as it gave him insight into religious faith and culture.

As usual annualy, Ramadan give me the chance to enjoy the adat resam of Solat Terawih.

From kampung to kampung, get fascinated with Ramadhan, fasting, breaking fast and the festive activities. Indulged in the beauty of Kampung Morten, Kampung Bukit Piatu, Kampung Umbai, and ...

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