My pair of reading glasses

Between day and night,
As the sun is beginning to set,
Don't forget to pause your day work,
Adult know when to play and work.

Photograph of General About Blog

I see in the whatsapp from my phone
The patter of notifications from Tarc4,
That Friend's Hour has come,
And the messages of closeness and love.

From the touch-screen I see in auto-brightness,
Ascending feelings of you upon up-scroll,
Attentive Ten, Foodie Mykel, Choong and gardener Mag,
And gospelicious Eric and white-haired SK.

A message and then a silence:
Yet I know by their merry hearts
They are pouring honey together
To make this group blessed.

A sudden feeling rush this photo,
To pair with her, her reading glasses !
She is not alone; we wear the same
As they celebrate the golden age...

Photograph of General About Blog

They traveled to each home town
O'er the arms and side of my chair;
Even if I talk less, they are sticky;
They seem to be near. They are.

They are.
Even not,
wearing but letting down

My pair of reading glasses.
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