My first home-made STARBUCKS coffee

The only thing to do when we went to Mahkota Parade yesterday was to pick-up some books from the Popular Book Store.

After Claypot Chicken Rice as lunch in the Medan Selera, he walked to the bookstore while my wife and me dropped in to Sen Appliances to check out the new Panasonic Econavi Air-Conditioner.

Next, we used the pedestrian crossing to check out the Steteco shorts in Uniglo at +Dataran Pahlawan where I find its comfort best for me in M-size.

We felt a little hungry, and check-in to the Starbucks Coffee. While waiting for my Cafe Latte and Sliced Banana to be served, I took a closer look at the merchandise shelf.

The staff are very friendly and one of them recommended the +Starbucks Coffee Kati-Kati Blend. We bought one 250g pack and a Coffee Press.

The Kati-Kati Blend is delicious hot or iced that comes with a citrus and spice notes. We learned how to brew coffee at home by reading the from the instruction of the pack. We have our Sunday breakfast today with Kati-Kati Coffee. The taste ?

Super delicious.

To share with you:

The Flavors of Africa meet the lush days of summer.

It hits you like that first summer breeze. Crisp and smooth with the taste of a new season ripe with possibilities. Kati-Kati means "betwwen in Swahili, and this blend strikes the delicate balance between vibrant tangy notes from Kenya and the multilayered flavors and aromas of Ethiopian coffees. Starbucks master blenders crafted this coffee as a versatile blend. Enjoy it hot to savor the slight roastiness and caramelly sweetness. Or you can try it iced to accentuate the floral, citrusy noted during those days of lounging in the shade.

How to do a French Press ?

The coffee maker is not for stove top use.

Always use coarse ground coffee.

Always stir before pressing down. Using a plastic or wooden spoon, not metal.

Before pressing down, ensure that safety lid is in the correct position.

Press down very gently.

Are you a coffee addict ? I am.

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