Kaya-Kaya Café 32 Blacksmith Road Melaka

Saturday 25 June 2016

Walking, taking photographs and capturing video is some of my favorite hobbies. This morning my first stop during my walking journey is Guan Huat Seng, because I wanted to find out more about Norwegian Salmon.

I planned to take a coffee break with The Daily Fix [ Facebook ] during the walk but I ended up with Kaya-Kaya Café.  

Regular walk is much encouraged by buddies of Tunku Abdul Rahman College and that explain.

Kaya-Kaya Café is a great place to dine and is a must-go café impressed by many of my friends old and young.

Today’s walk led me to Kaya-Kaya Café after enjoying the murals of the Jonker Walk city-village. I call that heritage zone, a city-village because all the houses there are very old and they are pre-war designs, narrow but long, influenced by the Dutch.

The Dutch bricked-wall seduced me to walk into the café without hesitation and the old-structured café resemble ‘love-at-first-sight’ for me.

I choose to enjoy my cup of coffee within the airwell because it will give me a decent morning coffee-break in a comfortable and unique peranakan ambience.

My coffee is ready. [ More dishes on Facebook of Kaya-Kaya https://www.facebook.com/kayakayacafelol/ ]

Watch this video

I am lucky to meet three well-educated girls who are first time touring Melaka and one is taking photographs for three of us, Aime Amore Aim, Sirilak Sukpawan and me. [ Read about our how nice when we meet, only at Kaya-Kaya http://generalabout.blogspot.my/2016/06/if-you-look-back.html ]

Instead of sharing more about the café in words, here the sharing in pictures (A picture tell a thousand words ?) and wishes you all the best in getting these pictures yourself with your smart camera phones. [ Scroll Down ]

Enjoyable main course are Kaya Breakfast, Signature Sunshine, Melaka 'Elvis', Mushroom Omelette ...while pasta served are Seafood Marinara, Aglio Chicken, Penne Carbonara ... go on and blend well with appetizer of healthy honey, walnut, salmon, ....plus nutritious pumpkin, carrot soup.

Coffee ? Surely you must try them, hot or cold. Alternatively, you may like hot tea, premium Chinese tea or iced tea. Pamper yourself by relaxing a little bit longer after your meal, with a signature drink, "Welcome To Malacca" or if you prefer the tropical fresh fruits juices.

Selamat Datang ke Melaka

Salam Sejahtera, 
Salam 1 Malaysia, 
Salam Melaka Maju Negeriku Sayang, 
Negeri Bandar Teknoloji Hijau, 
Melaka 754 Tahun, 
Melaka Maju Fasa II, 
Berkat, Tepat, Cepat.

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog

Photograph of General About Blog



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