Smile Run 2016

Sunday 22 May 2016

6:13 am
I wake up. My son wake up.

6:15 am
I drink a cup of warm water. He does the same.

6:20 am
We parked our car opposite The Emperor Hotel.

6:30 am
We reached The Shore Shopping Gallery.

Wow ! 

So many people have arrived and they are already sitting for breakfast at Seri Sahabat Restaurant. The Shore Shopping Gallery Tower and The Swiss Garden Hotel Tower are very beautiful as we looked up to the bluish sky. The towers lights decorated the compromising skyline during dawn while waiting for first light to shine. Wah ! Beautiful ler.

My son joined his friends from Sekolah Menengah Yok Bin and I begin my photography and videography work for Orang Melaka’s YouTube Channel – Melaka YouTube.

I see three pretty girls in Zumba apparel. They are getting ready to serve the 3,000 participants, warm them up for the Smile Run. The girls are from the Fit Tempo. Not only that, the scouts and the guides are there to render help, the First-Aiders from the St. John Ambulance are on the stand-by, and members of the MCA Youth wing are there to coordinate and supervise the Smile Run. I get to the know Mr. Chua, the Secretary-General of the Malaysian Chinese Assembly Youth wing, of Melaka MCA.

Smile Run 2016 is supported by YAB Datuk Seri Ir. Hj. Idris Bin Hj. Haron, Ketua Menteri Melaka, YB Datuk Lim Ban Hong, EXCO Pengangkutan, Pemulihan Projek dan Perdagangan Antarabangsa, and En. Lim Swee Hu, Ketua Pemuda MCA Negeri Melaka.

Though the Ketua Menteri is recovering from ‘kaki terseliuh’ he make sure he do what he promised that is to do the Smile Run Flag-Off. Why ?

Idris Haron does not like to disappoint the participants and that is why he walk slowly to the stage to say to them, “Wo Ai Ni” or 我爱你 which in English Languane means, I love you.

Mamee and The Shore Shopping Gallery are two great corporate citizens for they give attention and care to the Smile Run. I take this chance to thank Mamee & The Shore Shopping Gallery.

I also must thank the Community Police team and the Police Officers from the Polis DiRaja Malaysia for making the run a safe one.

A word of thanks also go to the scouts and the girls guides including the St. John Ambulance for their efforts to provide safety and medical attention.

Thank you, all Orang Melaka for supporting the Smile Run. 

If you use Google Plus or G+ on your handphone, you will like +Orang Melaka  and you will also like +MELAKA There you can do wonders with your smartphone. Good Luck !

Idris Haron is a good leader because he only asked all  +Orang Melaka to help to keep Melaka beautiful, clean and safe. Idris Haron does not demand more than that. Tahniah Idris.

Warm Up - Watch

Flag Off - Watch

Ready & Go - Watch

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