Narrowness Of The Past Street

One could forget easily. Almost all High School boys your time walked through this corner. Does this picture taken last yesterday morning at 11:39 tick your mind ?

When people was less in businesses, school uniforms were either from an old shop near this place or sewn at home. How can all school old boys and girls forget this place.

This street shall remain narrow to keep Melaka's heritage in whole while luxury coach at times cannot take turn first time but not on second try on this narrow street.

Moving to the matter of food, it was luxury when one enjoyed a bowl of Wan Tan Mee, a best noodle seller when kopitiam was still using sputum below the table.

Who among us live in this noodle shop ? IF you were a Malacca High School boy and you studied in that school between 1973 to 1977, you would know him.

As Wan Tan Mee sellers grow by the numbers, over the years before the new millenium, the shop stopped to sell the noodle.
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