My son drove to FreePort A' Famosa

I was on leave to accompany my son to a college and after completing what we wanted to do there, my son drove to FreePort A' Famosa. It was Thursday 10 March 2016, and this is the first time he visited the premium outlet.

Surely, one of the best thing to do with him is to get a selfie in front of the premium outlet. Very special, the outlet has the style of the colonial time and the place is cool.

He was exploring the outlet the moment we walked through the main entrance as I captured this moment. It is the second time I have been to FreePort A' Famosa, the first was before the Chinese New Year.

Zang Toi Cafe | West 57th St. Cafe is so impressive. We would try this place on our next trip as we have planned to get lunch at PappaRich.

Of all the shopping complexes I have been, I am sure that the cleanest toilets are at this premium outlet. The picture above is near to the gents and ladies.

Here admiring the greenery. 

Sacoor Brothers, this is one place I like to buy my shirts; I have two, white and red which I bought from the JBO or Johor Bahru Premium Outlet sometime late last year.


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