Johnnie Walker X.R Aged 21 Years

Blended Scotch Whisky
Individually Numbered Bottles

On the Box

[ This exceptional twenty one year old commemorates the Knighthood awarded to Alexander Walker for his noble conduct whilst fulfilling his duty to King and country.

As you take your very first sip of JOHNNIE WALKER XR twenty one year old, give it the time it deserves – time to enjoy each and every layer of exquisite flavor. Its distinctive character is no coincidence. Only the best of the best will suffice for this blend of precious reserves of twenty one year old malt and grain whiskies from extra rare casks, and an obsession for perfection instigated by Sir Alexander Walker himself.

Some of the liquid is sourced from the private ‘reserves’ of the Master Blender, including extra rare casks from now silent distilleries. ]

On the Cover

[ In 1920, Sir Alexander Walker earned the ultimate recognition; a knighthood of The British Empire. This honour was bestowed upon him for his noble conduct whilst fulfilling his duty to Kind and country.
Sir Alexander was a man who could take the ordinary and turn it into something truly extraordinary – A man who mastered the art of creating a whisky fit for a King.

In 1934, John Walker & Sons was first awarded The Royal Warrant and, as a testimony of this continuing dedication to the art, still holds it today by Appointment To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. ]

On the Window

[ First Dive into the depth and intensity of aged oak, then capture the subtle notes of vanilla, and finally, a delicious surprise – the sweet hint of golden honey and a smooth finish.
Like the exquisite liquid itself, each bottle is intricately crafted, uniquely numbered, and is a reflection of the uncompromising attention to detail this fine whisky demands. ]

On the Bottle

[ Aged 21 Years Bottle Number JW ER 2594 XR ]

Distilled, Blended And Bottled in Scotland


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