Electrolux Ergorapido Review

A unit of model ZB3113 is picked from Tuan Hoe Electrical (M) Sdn Bhd on 26-A Jalan Bachang, Kampung Enam, 75300 Melaka. Made in China, this Electrolux Ergorapido has a weight of 4.21kg, a voltage/frequency of 100-240V/50Hz and an output of 25V 500mA.

In 1997, Electrolux introduced the first cordless robotic vacuum cleaner and today, the Ergorapido is an excellent unit to vacuum:

1. furniture and narrow corners.
2. back of a shelf or gaps between car seats.
3. bedding covers or beds.
4. fabric products such as sofas, cushions, curtains or car covers.
5. top of a shelf, top of lighting fixture, or top of a car dashboard.
6. strands of hair difficult to pick up by brooms.

Very effective in picking up dust and dirt, the brush roll works efficiently even when strands of hair get entangled. There is a built-in cutter to give a tangle-free cleaning at the press of a button.

The 2 in 1 detachable shorter handheld unit help you to clean above the floor without the problem of holding the length of the complete-unit. Its light weight do not tax the user in his or her cleaning work.

Emptying of the dirt and dust is easy.

Watch Electrolux Ergorapido Review on this video. [ Appearing after 7 pm Malaysian Time ]

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