A moment of great love


One year of joy originate from Spring, moments before the new almanac idol takes his duty after a cycle of 11 years. Simply the Chinese characters “yi nian zhi ji zai yu chun” is the Number 1 decision of a new year.

That is why the bread winner of every family, must select all things of joy during this period, may they be bosses or workers. They must not let anger, grief, worry, stress, or fear to trick them to forgo joy. The choice is very important because the selected choice would either drive wealth to them or pushes wealth away. As I drive through Bendahara Road, I would glance at the Ramada Plaza’s billboard to enrich myself of their optimistic ideas.

Ramada Plaza is promoting the “Sou Gong Yen” (http://www.ramadaplazamelaka.com/offers/fnb_promotion.html ) A traditional Chinese belief, you can reserved your “Sou Gong Yen” joy with Long Feng Restaurant, Ramada Plaza, Melaka by calling +6062848888 extension 8523 or 8524.

I was taught by my parent that if you manage positive wellbeing during Spring, you would get “he jia ping an, xin siang zhi chen” in your journey. Therefore, the sum you spend is not important but missing the “Sou Gong Yen” could equal literally means “hunger to them, hunger to self”.

Another traditional habit of the Chinese is the lighting of the lanterns to welcome prosperity and in Melaka, this heritage is preserved. Melaka lit the Chinese Lanterns or 马六甲 新年灯笼 on Friday 15. Go to Bukit Cina to see what is in store from your perspective, a place once Admiral Zheng He has escorted Imperial Chinese Princess of the Ming Dynasty to marry Sultan Mansur Shah.

I am inspired to write this post to appreciate a moment of great love can be given during Spring by anyone. Many organizations are doing a role do cheer up the less-privileged during Spring and two of them I noted; the Heng Ann Association and the Meng Seng Charitable Association. Meng Seng Charitable Association’s angpow for the aged is taken-cared by Datuk Yang Chien Chu.  Such deed, would add a smile at least to the aged and the less-priviledged.

I remembered there was a cloth merchant on Bunga Raya Road who brought a zip-maker to visit my father way back in 1966. He gave me a red-packet with One Hundred Ringgit inside. As a six-year old kid, that was a moment of great love.

I am inspired to write this blog post, when I read my friend’s daughter is ready to serve lunch with Italian cuisine, Malay cuisine, Baba Nyonya cuisine and Mexican cuisine in Sunway. Another Chinese tradition is to give a moment of great love to the young during Spring.The warm support for the young Chef would surely power her to the next level of culinary arts. This is so, because as Chinese, I believed that the annual prosperity blooms now.

HoYeah, HoFatt. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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