Why Snoopy

Every kid has a cartoon character which he likes. These days, we have Ipin and Upin, and Doraemon, to name only two. Those days, we have Felix The Cat or Scooby Doo. Of course the list does stop here. What is your favorite cartoon character may not be the same as everyone and I like Scooby Doo.

My friend has a girlfriend who is fond of Snoopy presumably.

Having watched many cartoon series for many years I first came to know Snoopy when I saw my friend reading a book with a bookmarker that has a Snoopy drawn on it. His girlfriend must have drawn it. Snoopy is loyal, innocent, imaginative and good-natured.

I was one of the common few who balik kampong in his green Opel Gemini. Over the period, I have the chance of looking at the Snoopy character again for a second time when his girlfriend held another bookmarker in the front seat. That was when I have a chance to step into University Malaya when he picked her up from the asrama. Among our schoolmates, he is one of the few who has girlfriend during upper secondary. They are a sweet couple.

It is the banners on the street promoting the show, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, that that kept bothering me to write this blog post reluctantly but not until I see the sweet couple again by the Melaka River yesterday.

Watch Snoopy at The Shore Melaka and enjoy a Happy New Year.

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