Improving the traffic snarl

In 1966, you could enjoy the bullock cart on Jalan Bendahara and once in a while a car would overtake slowly. Today you are not able to see the car overtaking the bullock cart but you see cars lining Jalan Bendahara from Little India till as far as the AMJ interchange at the end of Mata Kuching.
The increasing number of visitors heading to the great heritage zone is a sign of escalating activities at the end of a fork-road.

Two roads pour visitors onto Jalan Bendahara and they are Jalan Taming Sari and Jalan Munshi Abdullah. Majority of the commuters on Jalan Munshi Abdullah go on to Hang Tuah Mall leaving a few to turn left onto Jalan Bendahara. This means that a big number of visitors from Jalan Taming Sari are squeezing onto Jalan Bendahara daily. The visitors are going to shop within the world heritage zone, dine there, and stay in hotels on nearly every street.

The visitors are able to enjoy the red-color heritage buildings after Saint Francis Xavier Church, and the Dutch Square before arriving at their favorite places.

What some of these visitors don’t like is the long stop and short crawl before they reach their desired places. As a result of that, many drivers have unexpectedly stuck on yellow-box of traffic-controlled inter-junction at Little India and critically at the Munshi-Bendahara junction.

If lights would turn green at Little India and red at Munshi-Bendahara junction when the queue is full, drivers would not be unexpectedly stuck on yellow-box at these junctions.

If drivers existing from Little could not only drive on to Jalan Laksamana but also have other choices like taking Jalan Gereja to Jalan Kota, Jalan Chan Koon Cheng to Jalan Parameswara or even Lorong Hang Jebat-Jambatan Tan Kim Seng-Jalan Merdeka, the rate of dispersing the volume of vehicles would be 4 times better.

Smart traffic sensors could be installed at junctions on Little India, Munshi-Bendahara and Taming Sari-AMJ to assist simultaneous-flow and stops. It is hope that clearing queue would not be quadrupled but also four time as much.

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