Happy Back To School

"Dear, you don't have to send your kid to school anymore", the first thought she shared on Christmas Day.

I was too thinking about the same thing since school is going to re-open on January the 4th, 2016. The young man who was as a kid leaving the house every day as early as 6:30 am to school informed us last week about when school is reopening. He is not elated about not going to school anymore because he knew he has completed his secondary educational and extra-curricular activities with enough attention.

He has completed his Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia exam and is waiting for the result which is expected to be released by March, 2016.

Thinking of the effort to drive him to school, right from the kindergarten days was an untiring affair though it took some 3,300 days to get up early in 13 years. Simple bonding with easy words like words during the 5-minutes drive to school made his school days as enjoyable as able. Words like "English Language is important, Bahasa Malaysia is important and Chinese Language is important." is frequently being used during the bonding.

It was only natural to dislike the idea of hopping out of bed early but the whole idea of getting education dismissed all lazy reasons.

Yesterday, my wife and I watched a familiar scenario again while we pulled our car by a shop in Little India to buy bread. We saw a lot of parents queuing up to buy school uniforms, bags and shoes for their children and we recall how we enjoyed that part as dad and mum, a thing we are not going to do this time. Then, when we were joining the crowd to buy school apparel and accessories, at times, we decided to reuse the old set.

Enjoy the 'Back To School' period and enjoy a new schooling-year and be not disturbed by what is not enough or what is not new for the most important is to get the knowledge of education.

For some parents, these are the fun-filled experience that you'll enjoy soon, and for some parents who have been spending for the recent few years on the needs of school-going children, be patience and for certain, each would come to a time not having to do it again.

Happy schooling.
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