Sunday and you

11 countries with the most macho men and the most gorgeous women that you must enjoy because you are one of them.

The 11th has none but you only. You are beautiful in our hearts and for this reason, you are not far from these men and women who appear in this video. Entice their curves and their stuffs.

You have enough chubbiness at the correct parts accompanying slenderness ripped by near areas.

The earlobes profoundly reveal scantily beneath the flamboyant hair and is providing to the horizon of the cleavage chest.

The arch of your back draw attention, make heads turn and guide the look to the kneepit.

All the tiny beauties of of the body obey each step you take and all curves animated smilingly.

Have a blessed Sunday. Selamat beristeri rehat.

Do you agree that happiness on Sunday is more intense than other days of the week ?

I don't.

"Today, tomorrow, a smile, a moment, our friendship, a meet ... now and then, now and now, which you pick ? ", said Enjoy.

Engkau senyum demi ku,
Itu manisan wajah semalam,
Untuk send whatsapp selaku,
Bila keseorangan ada senyuman ?

(Pantun terterbit kerana ilham persahabatmu. Rekaan asal pada Ahad 15hb Nov 2015 11:55)

You assumed your mindful impressions of at least one day of the week in which you as children could be free from discipline of parents or schoolmaster and you remember the many pleasant Sunday of your life.

You discriminated Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Sunday.

Have you been discriminating as the sun rises for a number of years though it has keep the earth warm for billions of years ?

A thought inspired within Daniel for Orang Melaka, sebuah negeri kecil tetapi berwarisan.

Melaka dubbed as The Historic State is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula and she is a tiny land but enriched with heritage provided by the past masters.

If 84 languages have been used by the ancient folks once during the Empire of the Melaka Sultanate, imaging the throbbing heritage as she become greener and colorful-glowing with more plants and flowers every inch of your walk.

Melaka Maju Fasa 2
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