Refining Bath Lily by The Body Shop

Your bath experience will be different if you choose to change it.

Many of you, the local Malaysian males do not use the Douceur except a small number of females. The local impression is that the Douceur is only for female use, is not correct. Try to look at yourself closer through microscope and you will see.

Whether your are a female or male, exfoliation is incomplete with bare hands. Have been cleaning yourself with bare hands for the past 55 years ?

Love your body and give yourself a treat in bath with The Body Shop Refining Bath Lily.

Use the shower gel for rich, creamy lather and light exfoliation

Nénuphar De Bain

A utiliser avec du Gel Douche pour une mousse onctueuse et une exfiolation tout en douceur.

RM$19.90 including GST.
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