Clay Pot Kampung Chicken Rice

Parkson give two vouchers worth Twenty Ringgit Malaysia to Evelyn and she has decided to redeem on this weekend.

She buy a 9" Clay Pot of volume 3.45 liter made in Japan. This pot is useable on gas stove, storeable in refrigerator, heatable in microwave oven, and induction stove. This pot is available at Parkson Mahkota Parade.

While her daughter is visiting Taiwan's sheep farm, Evelyn enjoy a bowl of the famous Bukit Cina Laksa. After her breakfast, she buy 7 pieces of chicken drumsticks, 4 pieces of ikan kurau masin, some garlic, some onions and a few string of lap cheong.


1 rinse the clay pot with warm water.

2 marinate the chicken with Lee Kum Kee's Panda Brand oyster sauce.

3 add to marinated chicken, spoons of Sun Chun Weng Hup Kee's Cow Brand thick caramel and light soya sauce.

4 sprinkle onto it a little corn flour and white pepper powder.

5 marinate for 20 minutes.

6 pour a little oil onto wok and stir fry lap cheong till fragrant.

7 using the remaining oil in wok, stir fry sliced ikan kurau masin.

8 chop spring onion.

9 wash rice, and cook in clay pot with measured water to make sure cooked rice, tender.

10 stir fry garlic till fragrant and add the marinated chicken to blanch by heat-stir.

11. To serve, mixed lap cheong, sliced ikan kurau masin, cooked marinated chicken with the cooked rice in pot. Mix well and heat a little further to evaporate excess moisture. This will give the pot of rice a little crispy and aromatic taste.

Serve warm.

If you are visiting Melaka, why not you enjoy trying the clay pot rice ?
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