Nutty Banana Breakfast

25 reasons to eat banana :

My wife likes to be in shape, enjoy people looking at her radiance and feel nice that she doesn't look her age. How about you ?

When she was enjoying a free facial cleansing and uplifting by the LANCÔME beautician, I figure out a surprise nutty Sunday breakfast.

Her one hour facial set me free to pick up these ingredients from the food section of AEON Bandaraya.

Preparing breakfast for 4, I need,

8 babana
24 almond
24 walnut
24 cashew nut
16 cubes old Jamaica rum n raisins as topper

I has to fry the almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts until fragrant without oil in wok. The Electrolux stove is helpful on this.

After that I blend almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts finely with the help of a National Super Chopper.

The finely blended nuts is put in air-tight bottle container to keep its fragrance.

When my wife and children are ready on the breakfast table and to serve fresh, I begin to grill the 8 bananas untill golden brown.

Flavouring the bananas with melted Jamaican chocolate as topper and sprinkle fragrant fine nuts would put a smile on their faces.

My wife has said before, " He is coughing, don't ask him eat banana. "

However, we must know that the natural potassium could lower blood pressure due to stress and give you energy of some 80 to a 100 calories by not fattening and banana makes your happier.
This is a unique home-made breakfast prepared by an +Orang Melaka 

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