Dilmah English Breakfast

I used to drink Dilmah Earl Green for a long time and for a change I buy a box of 20 tea bags of 40g of the English Breakfast.

On the box, it say that the tea is hand-picked and artisanally made in the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka which is renowned for strong and full-bodied tea.

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For your information, the founder of Dilmah is Merril J. Fernando who with passion guides his family business with care, over some 60 years period.

Here is the story of English Breakfast Tea.

"Tea from the Dimbula region was a favorite of the English and Scottish planters who pioneered the Ceylon tea industry. The name however, was coined by and Edinburg tea maker in his effort to market his tea. He settled on the term 'Breakfast Tea' with London tea houses later adding 'English'

Today, English Breakfast tea remains hugely popular across the world. Its strength and character permit the addition of milk, cream, or sugar, but it's just as good enjoyed straight.

The Dimbula Valley consists of estates in and around Talawakelle, at around 1,500 metres elevation. Teas from this region are known for the combination of strength, character and brightness - the perfect Breakfast Tea.

Dilmah English Breakfast Tea is hand-picked and packed within days to ensure it reaches you fresh and brimming with flavour and natural antioxidants.

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