A Gallery before a luncheon

I was hesitating to meet my teacher for a breakfast this Saturday morning which I promised him on Wednesday 7 October. This is because news that Melaka Raya won't be safe surfaced. If I could see my teacher again on Friday night, I would surely delay the appointment but I did not because a Baba-Nyonya dinner has to be fulfilled.

When I woke this morning, my hesitation continue as to whether to meet him for a breakfast. I could not get in touch with him on the phone and if I do not turn up, the teacher would feel disappointed for sure. He is a senior citizen of age almost 80 and he might upset with I break the promise.

Pondering for an hour between 9 to 10, I gather my guts, and walked into his shop at about 10 past 10. He came out of the toilet and told me, "You're a little late"

I kept quiet and instead of talking, I invited him to a western food breakfast. He prefer Singapore Bee Hoon while I select English set.

During the breakfast, I invited him to attend a wedding reception at Umbai, Merlimau. We reach Umbai early, thus I showed him a Gallery in Merlimau. It is the Galeri Demang Abdul Ghani.

With ticket number 4514 and 4515, we enjoyed an hour of admiring the historical value that has been preserved till today since 1831.

For my teacher, today is his first time to see a beautiful gallery of such nature. As for me, today is my third time, and the second time, I brought an Australian there. For your information, the entrance fee is Ringgit Malaysia Three Only for one adult. This gallery is managed by +Perbadanan Muzium Melaka . For information, you can contact them at Telephone Number +606 282 6526 or email to admin@perzim.gov.my

This is their website www.perzm.gov.my

The old teacher say, "Wow, this is beautiful"

He is happy to see the figurine of a dragon on its door.

While, we were standing here, the cicit of Demang Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Majid exit from the main door of the house with his wife, two girls and a young man who is from Johor Bahru.

Demang's cicit, told us he is the grandson of Md. Dam Bin Abdul Ghani, the waris to Demang Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Majid.

His cicit me his family tree.

We are all very happy and the cicit's daughter clicked three photos for us using my SAMSUNG S6 EDGE cellphone.

In between our conversation, the knocking of the hammer and the sawing of the wood broke our indulgence into history.

That noises led us into more discovery of history and we like them.

Only in Melaka.


After a gallery of heritage, we proceed to Taman Pahlawan Umbai to savor the Nasi Briyani, the Ayam Masak Merah, the daging lembu rendang, the sayur-sayuran, the bubur hitam, .... and most importantly we meet and wishes the couple, Selamat Pengantin Baru

Dated 10th October 2015
Sabtu bersamaan
26 Zulhijjah 1436H

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