You see, and you feel … the hati sejiwa this hotel serves

Monday 31st August 2015

About 7 hours (round down) before the Memorial Penyistiharaan Merdeka roar with the shout of “Merdeka” for seven times, I wrote a blog post on “You see, you hear … #sejatisejiwa”

I was inspired by The Honorable Datuk Seri Ir. Idris Haron who recited a sajak with a chesty tone in the forefront backup the breathy-pull resonating the struggle of Merdeka plucked string by a solo violinist from Infant Jesus Convent of Melaka. Idris is good and she is perfect. This is how I wrote. Click

After posting, I climbed onto the bed and slept well till the first light orchestrated by the chirping birds played the waking call. It was timely for me to take a morning walk to the Memorial Penyistiharaan Merdeka to witness this year parade.

Instead of waiting for the 173 recorded short videos on the parade being processed by YouTube subjected to TM’s speed, I shift my attention to the first Guinness Record for Malaysia on pastry which I come to understand the passion of the chefs and the kitchen staff. They serve you at Ramada Plaza Melaka.

I now have to reminisce what I saw and felt yesterday on Hang Tuah Mall from about 5 in the late afternoon right up to half past six when the police blocked the roads before the sunset.

During the first 7 seconds of the embedded YouTube video in this blog post, you see Ella from Ramada Plaza Melaka striped the “Bintang Pecah 14” passionately. And on 1 minute and 5 seconds, you would agree that Datuk Yeo is pleased to capture his staff passion on an album.

I have been to Ramada Plaza Melaka several times and on my very first few ones I enjoyed the Stardust Discotheque with some brokers and a son of an executive councilor. The old saying, “Love at first sight” applies and I discovered Ramada Plaza Melaka provides the hospitability service passionately since the Renaissance decades. Even then, I found its front office neat and you tell me, “Isn’t it, front office is hotel”

I also discovered Long Feng Chinese Restaurant special when I was dining with the Hutchison Paging MD based in Hong Kong and Mr. Morris Livesly the GM for Malaysia. We like the flavours used to suppress and complement one another, thereby creating new aromas that describe the rich and distinctive Chinese cuisine. Both of them are brilliant foodie and have mind of statistician when we enjoyed facts and figures over a well done dinner. This is another example of the hotel passionate hospitability not only limited to food and beverage but passion inclusive on the comfort of the guests.

Watch with your heart how they baked the longest cake yesterday for Ambang Merdeka. Was it by thought alone or their brilliant F & B’s recipe of thought and passion … I see, they feel.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan 2015


Congratulations Ramada Plaza Melaka
from Daniel Ongthe +Orang Melaka Blogger

have a seat

One of the fine Chefs

Passion at work

Ella ... please tell me how you how you've got passion
and also, Ella...tell me how you got everyone watching...

The Longest Bake

The spelling goes... L O N G E

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