Princesses Of Their Father

They showed their appreciation to their father this weekend though many celebrated Father's Day the previous week.

Bak Kut Teh is a breakfast treat on Sandra.

Lim Kee - An old name.

At Yes Thai, Danielle buy lunch for him joined by their mother, younger sister and brother.
The favorite Siamese dishes, of the Sekyen 3 Kota Laksamana restaurant are; Pandan Chicken, Fried Tofu, Lemon Chili Jenak, Lala Kam Heong, Kacang Panjang and Yam Mak Muang.
Drinks served are Jelly Bee, Sugarcane, Chinese Tea and Calamanci.

Yes Thai Restaurant
7 Jalan KL 3/10A
Taman Laksamana Sekyen 3
Kota Laksamana Business Centre
75300 Melaka
Tel +6062814172

Both gals prepared a home big breakfast this morning.
First Danielle fried wedges under small heat. Next, she fried German Bockwurst with gentle heat. Their mum srambled seven eggs for Danielle. After slicing the apples and celery, Sandra blend them. Two cans of beans simmered. Strawberry yogurt and cherry included.

Watch how Danielle and Sandra prepare the American Big Breakfast.

On education, I guess they remember one simple rule set by their father. "English Language is important. Bahasa Melayu is important. Mandarin is important."

On socializing, there is no yes or no to abide.
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