Completing a whole task

Najib has done well in short 7 years; one third of the time frame of Mahathirism whom has also done well in modernising Malaysia.

One intangibly well; the other tangibly well.

The former PM has delivered better public utilities to the people while the latter is transforming Malaysia and Malaysians.

Those days, Malaysians used to say, "The former leader is good." But later they find the new one better.
Interestingly, every new leader faces challenges and criticisms by the people who earlier elected them.
Leaders are leaders but they are still an employee only classified as the number 1 in the Work Pyramid.
They enjoyed the highest happiness in their workplace because they are committed in their work. To this, many people can't see nor understand.

Like the former PM whom his work had drawn out a variety of talents and skills on mega projects; Najib is improving on them with the human touch. Najib is making sure the enough ready mega projects are preserved, treasured and enhanced without adding new ones for the moment.
If those that needs correction, it will be corrected like the current cost-reduction exercise with the Malaysian Airline System ( MAS ).

At the same time, Najib is making sure that the people can continue to enjoy the services of the enhanced utilities. To this, he strategised the BR1M, to name one. He increased the income of civil servants.  He increased the standard of living Chinese, Indians, Malays, .... and not  taxing the lower income group.

To generate all the transformations for a better result for a better Malaysians, GST is introduced. And of course, it is normal to have the beginning teething problems.

To this, one can ask, "Has Najib, who is an employee too, complete the whole task from the beginning to the end ?"

The big picture is to transforms Malaysia but do Malaysians prefer Najib to play a minor role in the big picture ?

It is only 7 years since Najib become PM while the longest serving PM took 23 years to produce mega projects.

Finally, the present Malaysians should give Najib time to feel that his work has a significant impact for a better future Malaysia.

A nation population with 1voice who designs works that their leaders meet these conditions is likely to increase the people profits in the ultimate power of money.

So Najib is a leader elected by the people, of the people and for the people.

The fumble and nimble of people is not new but has played their roles for the past leaders.

Datuk Seri Ir. Idris Haron is correct when he explained that the people has to give Najib time to complete the task for transforming Malaysia.
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