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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew
The world praises LKY.
Allow me to pen my feelings for Singapore though “My Introduction To Singapore” is trivial.
My Introduction To Singapore | It was on the Merlion’s City State National Day that I came to know Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
I was a small boy, age 10. In 1970, Teck Trading on Newcome Road, delivered our first black and white television set to our home. They erected a pole of three G.I. pipes each of length 6 meter. After getting the finest direction for the fish-bone antenna, they tested Channel 5 and Channel 8. Tuned to Singapore, we are lucky to learn endless creative, innovative, user-friendly, community-friendly, and environmental-friendly ideas. The imported Japanese television set was our window to follow this progressive nation.
Among a few favourite programmes for the day, or in fact for the year, vividly I remembered just two we like on the glass. Jack Lalanne Show is one. Singapore’s National Day Parade is the other.
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew had impressed a non-Singaporean young boy of age 10 like me at first sight.
Mr. Lee spoke in English Language followed by Chinese Language when he addressed the nation on August the 9th.
My respect for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew escalated continuously ever since I began to watch NDP graced by Benjamin Sheares and thereafter, Chengara Veetil Devan Nair right up to the 49th NDP last year. It was awesome to learnt that the Inaugural President was Yusof Ishak.
Mr. Lee and his colleagues built Singapore by treating everyone equally, regardless of race, language or religion.

My eyes would lock to the Sharp Box-TV on Aug 9 each year from 1970s onwards. Why ?
This is because the greater show for each year is aired and is none other than the Singapore National Day Parade. Come August, I’ll remember a man worked from young to old not for himself but for the future of Singapore’s children. He is Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.
Early this week, I’ve read e-news about his latest book, “One Man’s View of the World” and am touched with his toughts. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s 50-years struggle to transform Singapore from a polyglot former British colony into a united nation is a reality today, no more a vision. Singapore has many success stories and Singapore improved from parade to parade with the foresight of Mr. Lee.
I had the good fortune of learning from Singapore National Day Parade. Singaporeans standing up for the parade, walking down the memory lane will feel the mystic aura of the charm and charisma of this great nation and the unblemished tradition set by Mr. Lee.”

On Transportation
Mr. Lee Kuan Yew saw the need from the early days. In 1979, the buses were already appearing on every bus-stop when I visited a friend who did his Engineering Course in the NUS. The roads are clean and I cannot remember I see a road pot hole on the road.
On Environment
The making of a Garden City is engineered by Mr. Lee and he and his team even evaluated details as to the plant types, the drainage systems and the topography of the whole nation. I noted the greening in the same trip in 1979.
On Housing
Everyone owns a home and that amazed me when back home many still couldn’t afford to own one these times.
Even though I am a non-Singaporean, I learnt a lot from him from listening to his speeches, and from reading his books. Mr. Lee is my lifelong teacher at far.

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