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Row Six is a reminiscent of Nanyang experience and is meant to nurture the appreciation for Nanyang Legacy.

Legendary Southeast Asia local cuisine, Nanyang is also know as Southeast Asia with common reference to the ethnic Chinese migrant population in these nations. Row Six believes that the rich Nanyang dining should be shared beyond the borders and traditional means. The Nanyang cuisine evolved significantly such as ingredients, cooking styles and presentation after centuries and decades of cultural assimilation with the localized dialects and lifestyle.

The Row Six branding is unique. Adapting the Ming Dynasty armada, the logo speaks of an age of discovery and innovation. Inspired from the expeditions of Admiral Zheng He, the vessels represent wealth, filled with spices and various forms of trades. As such, Row Six embodies the same virtues, bringing wealth of hospitality, dining and experience to patrons.

Row Six Café is proud to introduce the Nanyang signature dishes selected from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, and present them as an authentic fusion experience for all patrons. They offer their best authentic Malaysian local cuisine like the local “Satay” and inspiring “Nasi Lemak”, Singaporean “Curry Laksa”, Indonesian “Nasi Goreng”, Vietnamese “Banh Mi an” and Thais delighting “Pad Thai”.

All these delightful dishes showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine. Row Six authentic recipes and cooking methods draw out the exotic tastes and aroma of these Nanyang dishes for patrons to savour.

Food | Excellent
Ambience | Excellent
Service | Excellent
Price | Reasonable

Row Six (Jusco Melaka)
Lot G87
Aeon Bandaraya Melaka Shopping
No 2 Jalan Lagenda
75400 Melaka
Tel +6062831626

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