Like the old times when we're kids

Each part of old Melaka has a story to tell.

The reason is because the old town remained unchanged.

Since 1826, till the late 1970s, people got their things from only a few roads within the old town.

On Kampung Pantei, textiles, dried foodstuff, gold, titbits attracted high attention.

On Bunga Raya, textiles, fruits, shoes, food, made the road the busiest.

On Kee Ann, kitchen-wares, wet food served the daily needs.

On Munshi Abdullah, watches, motorcars, electrical appliances catered for the well-to-do.

When we're kids, we parked our bicycles either at 9-storey, Tai Chong Ice Cafe, or Federal cinema. We preferred to walk.

We remember walking through a lane fit for one Asian-size man in between high and long walls on our left and right.

That lane was a short-cut for kids like us to get from Bendahara to Bunga Raya.

We remember using wooden-starcase of a textile shop where our friend stayed.

The fragrance smell of the fried oyster served as an important guide as we walked through the lanes.

As Melaka is engineered with new infrastructures and landscapes, the old times never fade.

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