Small Wedding Gifts

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Taiwan’s wedding market is highly developed and thriving, more and more wedding gift stores sprouted up in recent years which sell a wide range of custom-made products. Why not pick up some memorable gifts for guests? If you don’t live in Taiwan, you can contact stores to have your products you desire couriered to your country of residence.

Because red signifies good fortune in Taiwan, as a wedding tradition, guests who attend the banquet give the newlyweds “red envelopes” (congratulatory money), and the newlyweds are expected to return the favor after the ceremony.

The returning of favors is primarily done by giving out wedding cookies. There are a multiplicity of fine wedding cookies stores that can supply newlyweds with an assortment of samples and prices. In recent years, some people have begun giving small packages of rice as  gifts which accommodate the more health conscious among them. They are quite popular.

There are also parting gifts for guests, usually known as “lucky candy parting gifts”. Guests are given the parting gifts as a way to share in the newlyweds’ good fortune. Though these gifts are typically limited to candy. Some people have creatively branched out and have given marshmallows, chocolate and even popcorn, among other things.


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