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Established in 1790, Taichung's LeCheng Temple mainly worships Mazu, and has been listed as one of Taiwan's most important national monuments. 

In recent years, the second floor was prepared for the Lunar Matchmaker, and this area has become very popular since then.

The 15th day of the 8th lunar month is the Lunar Matchmaker's birthday. Single men and women can use this opportunity to pour their hearts out to him in hopes that romance might enter their lives.

The temple has offered men and women's cartoon versions of relationship charms, as well as 3,000 relationship lamps. By lighting the lamp once a year, the unmarried can find true love, while those already married can discover even greater levels of happiness than before.

The second floor of the temple is also dedicated to "Zhusheng Niangniang," the Taoist fertility goddess. According to folklore, a woman is a flower, either red or white. Receiving a red flower signifies that a woman will give birth to a daughter, while white means a son.

In Zhusheng Niangniang's role as the fertility goddess, she controls whether a woman gives birth or not, has a son or a daughter, or how many children she has at all. If a woman is married for a long time but fails to get pregnant, she can ask Zhusheng Niangniang for a flower at the temple.

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Take the train (mountain line, western railway) to Taichung Train Station. Take U-Bus 75 to Leye Jiancheng intersection and get off. Then walk for three minutes.

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