Is Melaka a travelers choice?

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Tourists can reject their original plan to visit Melaka if the 3rd smallest State in Malaysia do not meet their requirements.

The climate is of course, good throughout the year. Plants and trees are coming up in line with Go Green. The water is clean. The cleaners go after rubbishes and garbage; note them sweeping the streets. #naturalresources

Public lighting is continuously upgraded by the government. Telecommunication is also being enhanced. #infrastructure

Hotels, Leisure sites, Shopping places and Museums are becoming an added value. #superstructure

Though no train at this moment, taxis, boats (Melaka River), airport, and buses (Panorama Melaka) are readily available.
Dinner at Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, super in Melaka's Jonker Walk and clubbing in Singapore when the high-speed rail in ready. #transport

Melaka's diversified communities' arts, literature, music and drama if properly harnessed, can power success to the tourism industry. Orang Melaka is very important because they can create a spirit of hospitality to tourists. Business people must take the lead to lift the level of hospitality, and the government must sincerely show the desire to the tourists, the business people and the Anak Melaka.
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