Work Force Migration

The workforce of a country is the sum of workforce in a state and in turn the sum of workforce of all businesses. All eligible for work will make up of the workforce of a country.

The workforce is thus one of the determining factors to ensure the growth of a country. In common, a country would like to have an educated workforce and for this simple reason, high priority is given on education.

As the workforce is in action, industrial and services training are provided to enhance the application of knowledge so that the skills for continual improvement in efficiency and productivity is easily available.

Thirdly but not least, harmonious industrial relations is the recipe for a durable workforce so that efficiency and productivity is not going to slope down.

Human migration is not a new topic because in about a million years ago, history recorded the movement of 
Homo erectus out of Africa across Eurasia.

In Asia too, human migration has taken places a long time ago.

Migration is a choice to dissociate the unsuitability that would be unresolved even in the far future.

In the past migration is of minimal numbers but slowly the trend is now on the incline. Usually the good migrate for the better.
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