The delicious aroma of satay celup

Some of you have tried the Capitol Satay Celup. Many has not. When I got my driving licence, many like the traffic crawl on Hang Tuah Road. In 1977, a traffic crawl is only likely to be caused by a great movie. Movies acted by Bruce Lee or Sean Connery not food. Hang Tuah Road was two-ways.

On that year, the vehicles were not as many as today. Melaka started its vehicle registration with the letter M and by 1977, it was somewhere counting between MD or ME. Today, the numbers has reach MCN. During the crawl those days, drivers would unwind the windows of their cars just to smell the delicious aroma of satay celup. There was Satay Celup there, now no more. Today, people prefer to queue. Queuing for special cuisines is trending. Though many have posted about the crazy queue, people are queuing to at least get the first taste.

At the same time, there was another Satay Celup near to the Capitol on Bendahara Road. Today, Bukit China Road has become a road favorite location for assorted raw and semi-cooked spread over long refrigerated shelves. All on skewers except cube breads, sliced cucumber and sliced vinegar-ginger.

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