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MAMEE Floats. I see Mamee appears everywhere. Before this +River Festival Melaka , I saw Mamee playing the role of a corporate citizen at Hang Tuah Village. It was a two-days events where the heritage of the Malay is shared.

The Melaka Holdings Sdn Bhd's Floats is so beautiful.

I like the Kancil mascot in front of this boat which is put up by the Malacca Museum Corporation.
The overall decoration is beautiful and the colorful bulbs make the river amazing.

A close-up of the Perahu Berhias exhibited by the Perbadanan Muzium Melaka. Very Attractive.

So many people took seats by the river to witness the colorful night when Melaka celebrated the Festival Antarabangsa Sungai Melaka. 

The umbrellas are so nice.

A floats decorated by a college.

People walking to and fro. Throngs and throngs. Non-stop.

Fruits of Malaysia. Not Bad. With a Malay girl on the boat, you would take a second look.

Looks Oriental, this boat is decorated by the Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Jasin.

A bank took part. Bank Muamalat. I spoke to the boatman. He is working with Bank Muamalat. Guess he is working overtime.

Look at the arch. It is the Makam Tun Teja.

A boat displaying the fruits of Malaysia.

So many people.

The Finance and Treasurey Department of Melaka also took part.

Can you see the logo ? We love museums.

Erwah ... 1Malaysia

Melaka RM, the radio station of Melaka has take onto water of Sungai Melaka.

The Festival Of Rivers, Melaka
Saturday 31 May 2014

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